Why We Make Bad Decisions Ted Talk by Dan Gilbert

Great video about why we make the decisions we do. The main thing I took away from this is that it’s not the smartest to compare your pricing/product to other products around it, because when you get home to enjoy this product the other products will not longer be around to compare to.

Example from video: You want to purchase a stereo and you are comparing between a smaller set and a larger set. The larger set sound slightly better so you decide to buy it. It takes up tons of space. In the future you will never say “These speakers sound so good compared to those small ones we didn’t buy”. (see video for better description)

Infinite Health – ABCs

The ABC’s of Emily’s Evening Routine from Infinite Health

My morning routines have been going pretty well, but Emily’s thoughts on evening and midday routines have me shifting my whole day around to make time for myself. I’ve been doing yoga nidra in the afternoon or a walk outside to get hot chocolate. In the evenings I’ve been setting an alarm to help me remember to put the phone away and prepare for bed. Usually I read, instead of watching TV. Last night, I read in bed while my husband watched tv from his laptop. A good compromise.

The Highly Sensitive Person


I took this photo on Thursday. I was taking this online quiz in preparation for a book that I would like to read, The Highly Sensitive Person. They have this quiz on their website so I decided to take it. I sent this photo to a friend laughing because while I was taking the quiz, I was in bed, under the covers, with the lights off recharging. I guess the book is a good idea for me.

Mindful Money Course Takeaways

I am currently taking this course by The Mindful Wealth Movement. I love it and here are my takeaways for the week!

  • My money can bring me more of what I value
    • When we don’t know who we are we do things or become something for other people aka spend our money on things that we don’t actually value
  • Conscious values vs subconscious values
    • The more you love your decisions the less you need others to love them (stop living for the likes)
    • My subconscious values – checking facebook instagram, email, purchasing unnecessary clothing, buying more food than I need, watching tv
    • Saying no to lulu = saying yes to self care and travel
  • “Our lives are the sum of the total choices we have made” – Wayne Dyer
  • Instead of finding the best alternatives for purchases, we should focus on which decisions is best for us personally.

New Recipe for the Week

Curry Roasted Cauliflower from PaleOMG