Yesterday I watched this great video of Glennon Doyle Melton, author of Love Warrior. This is a book thats on my “to read” list and I’m really looking forward to it after watching this show.

Here are my notes from “How to Be a Love Warrior”:

Brutiful – If I want something this beautiful, then I also have to take all the brutal stuff, without crutches or addiction (cannot selectively numb)

Power of Rock bottoms

  • Sifting – Let everything fall away that’s no longer needed
  • The only things you need are the very things that can never be taken from you
  • I am not just what happened to be, but I might be what I do next

We don’t do well with pain, we just want to get rid of it and give the pain to someone else. Every time someone is unkind to you, it’s just because they didn’t know how to be still with their pain, so they tried to pass it on to you. 

Pain is something to be felt & used, a fuel to get work done

Try to be brave enough to tell your own story but kind enough not to tell anyone elses

Shame is not true. It’s a lie and it tells us that our experience is different than everyone elses and we’re bad

[as women] We don’t care what we desire -> we care that we are desired. Our bodies become objects even to us


What if you rushed twoards the pain of the world instead of away from it?

We are here to heal ourself and to heal the world, a constent of both, not one over the other