On Morning Routines

I love my morning routine but I saw this post this week about a self-care playlist and I thought it was an awesome idea. A nice spotify station to start my day? Sounds good to me.

Ted Talk – How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins

This ted talk was awesome. She basically talks about how we use the word “fine” too frequently and how if we’re fine, then we don’t have to do anything about our problems. For example “I’m fine with not not losing weight”. She goes on to talk about if theres a change you need to make in your life that “you are never going to feel like it” and there is a “physical force required to change our behavior”.

That anything out of our normal routine will require an extra force, which reminds me of something I read today in The Ego is the Enemy “as our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance”. If we continue to grow, learn and expand our comfort zone (out of our normal routine) then we will have to expand our knowledge and our force to get the things we want.

On Mindful Money

  • If we don’t know how much is enough, how will we know when we have enough?
  • We think of our future selves as strangers and therefore we find it hard to connect. Which means we prioritize our current self over our future self

Your Predisposition is Not Your Future

This is an awesome article explaining that just because we’ve always told ourselves that we’re procrastinations, we can’t save money, or we’re bad at relationships doesn’t mean thats who we have to be. We think it’s part of who we are so we can’t change it. Joshua states”Your predisposition is not your future. Your future is what you choose to become.” and then he explains some steps on how to overcome these predispositions.

I already read something about this in my mindful money course, even if you’ve always thought that you’re bad at saving money or you are a big impulse buyer doesn’t mean you always have to be. The Mindful Wealth Movement suggests stating an affirmation to help you retrain your brain and change your subconscious mind.