Yesterday evening I listened to this show for the first time. Eric Zimmer happened to be interview Tara Brach, whom I’ve listened to on the Tim Ferriss show before as well as listened to some of her guided meditations online.

I’m really glad I stumbled upon this show. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and the topics discussed because they follow along with a lot of the information that I’ve been reading about. See my notes below!

What we think is what we get

Am I feeling the emotion or telling myself a story?

  • Be open to the feelings in the body
  • The emotions are current in your ocean but you’re not identified with them
  • Feel it and it will not longer have control over you “name the fear”
  • Must go through the emotion to enter sacred space (like a gate)

Remember the goodness instead of being addicted to the suffering

Pause and savor the beautiful

Always looking for whats wrong

  • we think we have a problem and we need to change it. Start to look objectively instead. “this is what is happening”
  • If right now there is not a problem, what is the moment like?
  • End up finding problems that don’t exist. Defensive mode, will the future be too much to handle?

If you’re lost in thought then your basically living in a virtual reality. Mostly in our ideas and not our senses

On meditation – What about this really matters to me? – set an intention, its not another chore


  • Needs engagement
  • We take it personally “something is wrong with me” but its not our fault
  • Its just another weather system, it comes and goes
  • Don’t feel bad about feeling bad

There will be pain, but how will we deal with it?

The only thing big enough to make room for the “waves” is loving

Fearless heart – big enough for the pain, keeping an open heart even when its difficult

What really matters to me?

  • Step up out of our mental interpretations and back into reality
  • “Trance” an on going story that its all about me
  • Word is very narrowed, recognize when you’re in a thought realm/trance
  • The sense of a separate self is an illusion

I’m falling short

  • Is that belief really true?
  • Its real but its not true. The belief is a real story but its not the truth of existence, its not the living reality. Its just an idea in our mind or feeling in our body
  • Help shake limiting beliefs/experiences

Space suit – Ego control system

  • Control so we don’t have to feel bad
  • We forget who’s looking through the mask
  • If there’s suffering its because you’ve forgotten who you really are
  • You’re identifying with a more limited version of yourself

Notice how its happening without judgement, name what you notice