LOTS of money related topics on the brain over the weekend and today.

I recently read a couple on great articles. One of them was from the Financial Diet was about how the author has spent a lot of money on the different types of women that she wanted to be. As a woman, I can relate to this. In my mind, I believe that if I get a certain wardrobe or change my physical identity that it will somehow change my internal identify and make me this other person. But in reality, our purchases are external and our personality is internal and as I’ve learned from the Mindful Wealth Movement – we can’t buy internal traits such as self-worth, confidence, or self respect. Highly recommend reading this article.

And this trickles all the way down to buying that one perfect work bag which, despite the fact that the worst employee in the office could have it if they had enough money to buy it, we imagine will imbue us with more Professional Woman Savvy.

The other article I read was from Becoming Minimalist, one of my favorite blogs on minimalism, it is a great read on how the value of our self-worth is greater than our net-worth

Simply put, we tied self-worth to net-worth. As a painful result, we began to make judgements about our own life value by the possessions that we own. But, in reality, our life is far more valuable than the things that we own.

The wages that we earn provide for our lives, but they do not define our lives.

Don’t allow your life’s pursuit to be caught up in the acquisition of material things – that makes for a nice net-worth, but not necessarily a high self-worth. And self-worth trumps net-worth any day.

I also listened to a podcast created by a friend, Michelle Wong, in this podcast they touched a lot of topics that are in relation to everything that I’ve been learning lately. Here are some takeaway points:

Our words/thoughts around money are very powerful – I choose not to spend my money on that vs I cannot afford it

No ones going to want to be rich if it makes us a “rich bitch” – if we always think the wealthy are greedy, then we won’t want that (more money will just highlight who you already are)

Show gratitude and give back. The more you have the more you can give back

Money is a neutral – it is a tool

Our money mindset is mostly on autopilot – must bring mindfulness to this

To top it all off, I watched a video today on MarieTV with Kate Northrup which was amazing and tied all my thoughts into a short video. Here are my notes:

Money is a tool (again) for us to make change

Doesn’t matter if its purposeful spending according to my values, its still spending beyond my means

Four limiting beliefs

  1. Someone else should handle this for me
    • Basically saying we’re not enough
    • from Feel the Fear – I can handle it
  2. I’m not good with money
    • thoughts become things
    • ides to make a change – Check balance every day and express gratitude while doing it. We will start to associate looking at money with feeling good
  3. People with money are greedy/its not spiritual to have a lot of money
    • when we judge others our subconcious will never allow us to have what they have because why would we want to be greedy?
    • Money is just trading value for value
    • I will become more prosperous to the degree that I can add value to others lives
  4. I am not _____ enough
    • If we don’t value ourselves, we won’t get value in exchange
    • No one will value you more than you value yourself