So basically this post could be summarized by one line, I need less social media in my life. All of these could easily be solved by spending less time on electronics and spending more time on doing the things I like to do.

  1. Read more. See note below on social media. Gotta get my priorities straight.
  2. Less dependency on social media. I check too often, whenever I can. I realized recently that I read significantly more while I’m on vacation, which is crazy because typically I’m much “busier” than when I’m home. Hiking, biking, site seeing, etc. So, the magically reason I read more is because I’m on my kindle instead of my phone and my kindle doesn’t have wifi and neither do the mountains of Nepal. When I get tired of looking at the pages, I just take a break and think for a minute and then go back to the book instead of taking a break on facebook and not going back to the book for another 30 min. Crazy stuff.
  3. More time spend outdoors. I feel like all of these things could relate to social media. I could take a 10 min walk outside OR I could scroll through facebook. No stop it. Get outside.
  4. Increasing my focus. There are so many apps, so many things on social media (are we starting to see a trend here) I don’t need to see everything but I would like to increase my focus so I can get personal projects and work projects done in one sitting instead of constantly forgetting where I left off.
  5. Decreasing my information intake. omg is that a new article on facebook that I can read? Everything seems important, everything seems like it will never be available again. I can only retain so much information. I think limiting the number of articles I read and limited the amount of audio I listen to would help this a lot.