I love Mark Manson, if you couldn’t tell already. I recently discovered this podcast called “The One You Feed” and I love it so far. He did an interview with Mark Manson and here are my take away points!

We are always choosing what we find important and we should be asking “should this be important to me?”

If we are choosing something, there are other things we cannot do, we are too focused on acheiving the goals that we aren’t aware of the sacrifices (nothing is free)

Wants less – notice lifes inevitable limitations and then prioritize your life based on those limitations

This is what I choose to value over everything else – Limited # of fucks – pay attention to who and where you give them

There are shitty aspects to even the best parts of life – there aren’t easy answers or permanent happiness

You’re never done, that day isn’t coming

Relationships – If your spouse is your best friend – would you accept that behavior from your best friend?

Postive thinking – dilusional? – can lead to “I deserve”

Act your way into right thinking instead of thinking your way into right acting

When in doubt, just shut up and do something – Small action will create a snowball effect of further action

happiness does not equal pleasure – just because something feels good doesn’t mean it is good and visa versa (sometimes pleasure can lack meaning, quick fixes)