Why You Should Meditate on a Plane (and How to Do It)

Personally, I don’t like flying. I’ve been trying to mediate on planes during take off to calm my nerves but I like the ideas posted in this article. Take a look.

Reading a new book, knitting, or doing a crossword puzzle are meditative activities many of us engage in while flying

The memories we rehearse are the ones we live with

If your story isn’t helping you, work to rehearse a new story instead.Because it’s our narrative that determines who we will become.

When Perspective Keeps You From Telling Your Story

It’s one thing if perspective keeps you from sharing your story (although I still think that’s a loss, both for you and for others); it’s another thing if it keeps you from feeling your story.I recently shared a part of my journey with a friend, but—true-to-form—I hedged it with perspective. I prefaced with how small I knew this problem was in comparison to others.

After I told my story, my friend and mentor paused and said, “I’m going to push back on the notion that how you felt was small by comparison. Your heartache is still yours. It’s okay to feel it.”

It’s okay to not be okay.