I just finished this awesome book by Seth Godin. It was a short and easy read with a lot of golden nuggets. I haven’t read too many of Seth Godin’s books but I love his blog and plan to read more in the future. Here are my takeaways:

We have so much freedom these days and we don’t take advantage of it such as the freedom to connect, to learn and the freedom to choose.

The problem is freedom, not that we don’t have enough, but that we can’t handle the freedom we have. Or more accurately, we believe we can’t handle it

This reminds me of Susan Jeffers book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, where she talks about fear and how it’s really about not being able to handle whatever the outcome will be. A statement I frequently use from this book is “I can handle it” as a mental reminder that I can handle whatever outcome I fear.

Seth continues to talk about learning and the “fear of stupidity” which I’ve read a lot about recently in Ryan Holiday’s book and Mark Manson’s book.

If somebody is better than you at something, then its likely because she has failed at it more than you have – Mark Manson

Stupid is the emotion associated with learning — we are stupid and then we are not. The pre-learning state is stupidity – Seth Godin

Not everything has to be ok. The person who fails the most, wins

Develop a habit. A habit of showing up on a regular basis. The habit is part of what it means to do work…How motivated you are today has nothing to do with the opportunity and the obligation you face”

Do what you should do. Your mood will follow


Suffering that your fear causes – The thing is, this suffering is all invented. It’s all based on expectations you set in advance, not what actually happened

The game is being lost. You are not a loser

The need to be recognized as the winner (ego) destroys your ability to take your turn.


We invent our expectations, our rules, our standards. We invent what we hope will happen, what needs to happen, what has to happen. Most of all, we invent the constraints that prevents us from seeking freedom. We invent them. Why not invent different rules?

A lot of human unhappiness is caused by thoughts of what the world and people in it owe us…. No body owes you anything (no, not even a thank you)

If you’re expecting a response, counting on gratitude, seeking applause, you’ve just made a promise on behalf of someone who isn’t actively part of the conversation, who didn’t sign up for this deal. You’ve given power away to someone who doesn’t care as much as you do… this transaction focus robs us of our ability to create true gifts, and worse, it gives us a place to hide.

When you’re learning to walk, no one criticizes you when you fall down.

Making the choice to be a programmer, instead of being programmed. Either you’re the creator or you’re the audience.