The only way to summarize this article properly is “harden the fuck up”. Everyone would benefit from reading this article.

In short, people have become less tolerant of opposing opinions. And their reactions to those opinions has become more emotional and outrageous.

It’s easier than ever to seek out and find information that already confirms your pre-existing beliefs or feelings

we tend to assume the worst about one another, turning people who disagree with us into caricatures or stereotypes who just infuriate us further.

the feeling that we deserve a better world that we’re not getting, that we are somehow better than the life that has been given to us.

The other person is always right

Great post by Seth Godin on understanding others.

Is That Why We’re Doing This?

Really awesome post by Becoming Minimalist. Joshua tells a story about renting a Camaro while on a trip and getting a response from a gas station attendant that was unexpected. The article touches on why we do the things we do, is it to impress other people? It reminds me a lot of the Alan Watts book that I’m reading, The Wisdom of Insecurity.

He builds to put up an impressive “front” rather than to provide a space for living. Therefore he tends to put up structures which appear from the outside to be baronial mansions but are inwardly warrens. The individual living-units in these warrens are designed less for living as for creating an impression.  – Alan Watts
Sometimes we seek these feelings of pride in the houses that we live in… the clothes that we wear… the technology that we carry… or the vacations that we take. Too often, we pursue these things not because of the value they offer to our lives, but because we crave the attention and acclamation of others.
– Joshua Becker