Hello! I’ve decided that for the year I’m going to learn a new word a week. Despite being an avid reader, my vocabulary is pretty low so every time I see a word I don’t know I’m going to write it down to become part of the weekly word. I will attempt to use this word as much as I can within the week :).

Weekly Word

Poignant (definition from: Merriam-Webster)

  1. 1:  pungently pervasive poignant perfume>

  2. 2a (1) :  painfully affecting the feelings :  piercing (2) :  deeply affecting :  touchingb :  designed to make an impression :  cutting <poignant satire>

  3. 3a :  pleasurably stimulatingb :  being to the point :  apt

Synonyms: touching, moving, sad, affeting, pitiful, sorrowful, mournful, miserable, distressing, heart-rending, tearjerking, tragic

Urban Dictionary Definition:

How someone from New Jersey tries to say “Pregnant”.
“Awww man, I just got mah guhl poignant”

And in German because I’m learning that too: